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Funky Colorful Zebra Nails (by TotallyCoolNails)

These zebra nails are cute but i think that if she only choose two colors it would look even better. It looks so easy to do but I’m sure that it is very hard to do. Im right handed person so the left hand nails would look nice, but my right hand nails would look ugly. 

Fun and Easy Splatter Party Nail Tutorial (by CelestialDreamx3)

I have never seen nails lie this before. They are so cute, and it looks like it would be fun to try out. It takes a while even though the video was almost two minutes long. She just showed you how to do one nails not all ten of them. 

How To Apply Fake Nails (by debthemakeupnoob)

This is a video on how to apply french tip nails. It is very clear and should be easy for anyone to do it. If I ever got fake nails I would watch this video to get good tips. The nails look like you could have got them done in the shop, but you did them yourself. They last longer than when you get them done at the shop they don’t chip unless you bite your nails. It also gives you extra nails so if one nail came off you can just get another out of the box it came in. 

I just love how her nails are so perfectly polished. This pink looks great on her nails and it goes well with her skin complection. She put 2 to 3 coats of polish on top to get that thick look that most people like to see on nails.

This is another boys’ nails in my class. This is how most boys’ nails look, bit off, broken off, uneven, short nails. Most boys that I know don’t like long nails so they do whatever they can to make them short and un-atractive looking. I always look at boys’ nails and compare them to girls’ nails because they could be much more different than each other.

This is a picture of one of the boys’ nails in class. YES a boy, I have never ssen a boys’ hands look so nice and perfect. His nails are really long, a lot of girls wish they had nails like these. I wish I had nails like this. I know some girls are jealous of his nails, but everyones’ nails grow differently. Some long some short, some dont even grown. If all of our nails were like this or like someone elses, our hands and nails would all look the same.

I’m not going to lie, I sometimes wear my nails like this because i don’t have time to do my nails all the time or just pick with them and never finish taking the nail polish off lol…I don’t care if my nails look like this sometimes because eventually the nail polish is going to come off but if I get tired of looking at them not done then I will take my nail polish remover and remove the rest of the nail polish off.

This is another one of my friends nails, she had fake nails on but this is what they look like when you take them off. When you have on fake nails the glue that is holding the fake nail and your real nail toether makes your nails grow faster…BUT when you want to take them off, your nails that grow get broken off because they are so fragile and thin. Once you wear fake nails your real nails will never grow back the way they used to before you got the nails. Some poeple don’t care and that is why they wear them all the time. But everybody is different.

These are one of my friends’ nails (Breanna). She has on fake nails, which I really like because they are my favorite colors pink and green. I like the design she has on her middle finger, I know I would not be able to do that. If I did the lines would not be straight at all lol…I never wore fake nails before and I don’t want to start wearing them. It’s not that anything is wrong with them, its just that I like wearing my real nails instead.

This is the nail polish that ms. Folaron gave to me to use and review on it. This nail polish has little hearts inside the bottle that are all different colors. When I started to put it on to my nails the hearts were not coming out, so when I would dip the brush in I tryed to get the hearts but it would not come out. So in result, it came out clear and that is why my nails look shiny. I would not recommend for someone to use this nail polish unless your going for a shiny look.  I think the hearts were just in their for decoration to make people want to buy it.

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